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Welcome to Tiny Little Baby, starting life in NICU

My First Day

10 daily pages or particular days could be chosen to record information on how baby is progressing and improving, e.g. breathing by ventilator, c pap, oxygen and eventually by themselves. Also covers monitors, IV lines and medication being administered so there is an accurate record to look back upon to see how their journey progressed through NICU.

NICU Firsts

To record those important magic moments that every parent dreams of and many new parents would take for granted. The first time baby is held properly, the first unaided breath, the first bath and magically monitor free.

Going Home


The many monitors, bracelets, biliband ultra violet glasses etc can all be attached to the relevant pages and the spiral book binding expands to allow for the extra thickness.

My Follow Up Appointments

There are pages to record follow up hospital appointments and pages to record the usual baby firsts We make regular donations to support charities and hospital units to find out were we have made donations too please visit our facebook page

Ordering Multiples

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